10 Children Amazingly Look Like Celebrities !!

Look at Me, I am Gandalf “the baby”

©   © New Line Cinema 

Mrs.Doubtfire when she was a baby

©   © 20th Century Fox

This beautiful little girl looks like Ed Sheeran

© Wikipedia Creative Commons   © Tom Davies

Why are you so sad !!  You look just like Jay Z

© Reddit   © REX  

He looks at me and said ” I don’t have friends, I have a family ” Vin Diesel junior


Jamie Oliver in a girl version

© facebook   © facebook  

The same look … The same fatness
like the famous “Kevin Malone” from the office !!

©   © NBC

John Legend when he was a baby… or not !!

© Twitter   © REX

The same bald Danny Devito !!

© Shannon Bihamta   © REX  

Prince George himself in the supermarket !!



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