Minimalism “The Art of Simplicity”

We suffer in our lives from the tyranny of stuff, the frequent consumables. We believe in a more certain belief that with more acquisitions, happiness will automatically increase. But this is not the truth, the truth that happiness lies in simplicity and the more a person abandons his needs, the more he is freed from them.

And that what minimalism calling for… It’s a lifestyle that people rely on to minimize choices and needs. Minimalists, or moderates, are people who have chosen to dispense most luxuries and moderation in all aspects of life.

Living with less stuff

  • Get rid of clothes or exorbitant brands no matter how attached you are to these possessions and get rid of stuff you no longer use anymore.
  • There is no objection to buying used products thinking you became less cool as long as they are fit for you.
  • Try to convince your partner to minimalism as much as you can from socks and underwear to food waste.
  • The use of objects for several uses, the dining table is suitable for work or study.
  • Minimalism not only invites you to cut down on your things but to reducing your daily choices “clothes, mobile applications” and sorting your personal computer and e-mail.

Minimalism helps people find freedom, freer from all social and life pressures. You will be able to focus on your important events and what deserves attention, which reduces your feelings of anxiety and stress.

It’s all about deciding what is free, fast, and easy to get. About living to minimalism as long as possible living the experiences rather than possess many things to distract us from the best version quality of life.

As living proof look at your living room and you’ll find tons of stuff you no longer use so what are you waiting to get rid of everything.

The Recession

Reflected on the recession most people reduced their expenses which work perfectly with the idea of minimalism. All the money you make, you only have to choose either spending on stuff to look rich or deciding what is making you feel more comfortable and happy. Living with less stuff makes you less distracted and more focused on the Priorities of life, all about living.

The simple life

The idea of minimalism to live with simple life without the accumulation of furniture or clothes with no use for them, you can live with two pairs of jeans and t-shirts.

Finally, get rid of the chaos in your life and you will not accumulate tasks, as everything around you is simple and you can accomplish it easily, live with the minimum things and become a free spirit who can put all his life in a back bag.

Practical studies confirm that objects and possessions, no matter how much you love them, remain separate, unlike the experiences and adventures that merge with your soul and live with him forever, which makes you happier.

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